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The Volant ECU Remap Standard

ECU Remapping & Engine Diagnostics for Oxfordshire

We typically remap, diagnose & repair engines in Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Land Rover and Range Rover. As a well-established and proven organisation, since 2012 Volant has been serving and assisting the driving population of Oxfordshire. Owned and operated by Simon Nawrocki, he trained as an apprentice with Hartwell Oxford, and North Oxford BMW. This gold standard of training and knowledge transfer sets “Rocki” as he is affectionately known apart from the majority of other Mechanics and Vehicle Engineers in Oxfordshire working on these types of prestige cars. Volant almost 100% guarantee we will resolve the most complex and elusive problems your vehicle and its engine might be experiencing. Renowned for our experience, tenacity and expertise, Volant have triumphed where others have failed, over and over again. We are very proud of our ever growing client base which may we add, has a significant number of repeat customers, all of which attest to our proven track record and abilities. We operate only from our workshop, by appointment, so please use the contact form to get in touch.

ECU Remap? Why Choose Volant?

Optimize Performance

With a Volant ECU Remap your vehicles acceleration & velocity will improve substantially; No more flat spots, no more wishing there was that little bit more, pulling out and overtaking becomes a thrill not a chore!

Increase Power

With a Volant ECU Remap we can substantially increase your vehicles power, particularly on Diesel Turbo and Petrol Turbo charged engines. Our torque curve improvements are nothing short of outstanding, delivering the power when you need it most!

Save Fuel

Is your works vehicle not so economical? We can help you save fuel and save money! With a Volant ECU Remap we can optimise your vehicles engine to burn less fuel and run more efficiently, particularly Diesel Engines.

Volant Ethics, Standards & Experience

Volant prides itself on its ethical approach to the Mechanical Engineering of all vehicles it works on. We only work with Volant approved, high quality parts and components giving you the client absolute peace of mind. We use synthetic oils as a standard, but where a client wishes to utilise traditional oil we will explain the difference in detail. Our workshop has strict operating procedures and we recycle all materials where possible e.g. oil waste and parts. Volant are fully insured for your absolute peace of mind.

Based on our own research and customer satisfaction rates, Volant partner with and utilise the latest ECU remapping technology from Viezu and Autologic engine diagnostics. As an approved reseller of both their technology, Vizu and Auto Logic trust in our capabilities. This gives our clients absolute peace of mind that as an organisation Volant have attained and continually retain a respected and credible level of ongoing education and training in these continually evolving spaces

Volant can remove your speed limiter, plus we are particularly adept
at vehicle electrical fault finding and correction.

Performance ECU Remapping

Get the ultimate power and torque from your engine! Prices start from £250

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Economy ECU Remapping

To get the highest MPG possible from your engine! Prices start from £250

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Combined ECU Remapping

To get the best power and MPG from your engine start from £250

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Engine Diagnostics

Prices typically start from £40 for the first hour, plus the cost of any repair

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