ECU Remapping by Volant

Cutting Edge Vehicle ECU Remapping & Tuning Solutions

The Volant ECU Remapping standard is presented in conjunction with Viezu. Our bespoke ECU Remapping is specific to your vehicle; we treat each project as a new and individual assignment as each client and vehicle always has differing needs. The ECU in your vehicle controls the engine, so by modifying its parameters for air intake, accelerator position, fuel etc. we can safely and easily re-tune your engines output. Put simply, we “load” a new file bespoke to your vehicle into the ECU, AND we keep your existing settings just in case, however not one of our customers has ever reverted their car back again!!!! We make no alterations mechanically, or electrically to your vehicle.

Performance ECU Remapping

Get the power you want when you need it most! The Volant Performance ECU Remapping standard results in absolute throttle readiness, greatly improved acceleration, and in comparison to your existing ECU rocket ship velocity! And all provided safely and easily, and with the Volant and Viezu guarantee.

Economy ECU Remapping

Do you need more MPG from your diesel or your works vehicle? Volant can help! We will also improve the accelerator response, and balance the engine so that it is much smoother, and has more power available.

Towing ECU Remapping

Have you got a Caravan or Trailer you tow? Is it a bit of a bind? Volant can help! We can remap your 4x4, Land Rover etc. and give you the oomph you need to pull all that extra! We'll also give you some more power and smoothen out the engine so it feels and drives so much nicer.


Viezu Approved Dealer

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With over 600 approved dealers on the planet Viezu invests heavily in its network of highly skilled representatives, and supports some of the Worlds top flight facing teams, manufacturers, fleet operators, and bespoke tuners such as us here at Volant. Viezu takes dealer support very seriously and is the only tuning provider to offer completely free training, seminars, marketing and business support to its dealers. All Viezu approved dealers are required to attend training and then pass examination and certification, this demonstrating their commitment to Veizu, and the Viezu tuning principles & standards.

A Viezu approved dealer is truly focused on excellent customer service and will ensure you the client receive the absolute best in vehicle tuning services. All Viezu approved dealers are then fully supported in technical matters, which ensures your vehicle receives first class attention from a well-trained dealer with the skills and requisite knowledge to work on your vehicle safely.


"Viezu Technologies is proud to be the very cutting edge of vehicle tuning and ECU remapping. "

Viezu Technologies was established with one clear goal, to offer the very best vehicle ecu remapping and car tuning service available anywhere in the world.

  • Industry leaders
  • Queens Award for Innovation
  • Members of The SMMT
  • 3000bhp four-wheel drive dynamometer
  • Government-approved emission testing systems
  • Over 20 years of hands-on experience
  • Tested on real vehicles in real life conditions by real people
  • A vast knowledge of I.T., vehicle tuning and motorsport preparation
  • Only ISO certified tuning provider in the world
  • Award-winning fuel economy and carbon reduction chip tuning