Dashboard lights mean stop!

When the light on your vehicles dashboard flashes STOP! Immediately call Volant! We will endeavour to rescue you and your engine ASAP! By doing so you can typically avoid serious and often costly damage occurring. Your vehicles Engine Control Unit (ECU) is a computer, and is linked to sensors all over your engine that report back in real-time on various parameters such as temperature, fluid levels, speeds, load etc. When a problem occurs the ECU sends codes to the vehicles other on board computers which will typically display a warning signal to the driver via the dashboard. The Volant technicians can read these codes from the ECU using specialist Autologic equipment and will understand the extent and cause of the code and how to resolve the problem. It is also entirely possible that the offending part is merely dirty, or needs resetting, both of which Volant will discover and rectify in full for you.

Volant Land Rover Diagnostics Services

Engine Management

Is your vehicle underperforming? Do you see puffs of smoke from time to time? Is your vehicle more than normal amounts of fuel? Your engine management may be at fault due to a faulty sensor or other interconnected piece of electronics and will report as a fault by the ECU. Any sub standard engine performance could risk the owner being fined.


The UK has strict laws that govern the use of vehicles and their emissions. If your Vehicle engine has an emissions related fault it could likely affect its legal basis to be driven on a UK road. This will also typically result in MOT failure, and will have to be rectified before the vehicle will be allowed back on the road for normal use.

Lighting and Comfort

Interior and Exterior lighting can fail or become faulty, Air Conditioning and Pollen Filters can cause a number of issues, Electronic seating can suddenly break, as can electronic boot switches and other internal devices, all of which will be reported as a fault by your vehicles ECU. If the lighting of your Vehicle is at fault it not pass it's MOT and will not be legal on a UK Road. You could alos be stopped by an officer of the law and fines imposed should your lighting be deemed of a sub standard.

Safety & Tyre Pressures

All modern vehicles are equipped with Air bags that in the same way as other components can fail or become faulty. Many of the newer, more modern vehicles are equipped with Electronic Parking Brakes that can render a vehicle useless if they are reported by the ECU as faulty. Some modern vehicles are also equipped with Tyre pressure sensors that can report that tyres are inflated correctly when actually they are not, placing the occupants at risk.

Autologic Approved Dealer Status

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